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Folk group "Šokica" from Slobodnica, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

FG "Šokica" was founding in year 1915. in village Slobodnica, near Slavonski Brod, 6 th bigest city in Croatia, county of Brodsko-posavska. Today We have more than 90 members. Group is working as Childrens Folk group, Representativ group, Old singing way group"and orchestra that play old national instruments as tamburitza. We have also school of tamburitza. There are 25 pupiles, learning how to play those instruments. Some of them are playing in Our shows and some of them are playing in Childrens folk groups.

For the last 5 years while mister Stjepan Kovacevic was and are President of group, We have the most succesfful tours, preforming on the bigest Folk shows in Croatia. In year 2002. we were in Hungary, in town Pecs. In year 2004. we were in Italy, province Traviso, and in France, city of Gap. FG "Šokica" is a memeber of "Druzina" ("Company"). This organisation is keeping tradition of family costums history. We're also a memebers of IGF, International organisation of Folk groups.

FG "Šokica" are prefmorming songs and dances as well as coustoms of part of Croatia where are we from. Our a'capella gruop preformin ordinary, everday songs, working songs, as well as songs from Roman-Catolic messes.

FG "Šokica" can also preform coregraphic dances from other parts of Croatia.


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